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Haaaaaiiiiii everyone!!!

Wow, it feels so nice to be typing a blog post. Not sure if anyone noticed or not, (ha!) but ive been kinda MIA latley. Turns out running a business and being a stay at home Mom to THREE kids was a lot harder (for me) than swinging it all with only two in our tribe. I got a bit behind this fall, so ive pretty much taken the winter off to catch up, spend some time with my kids and husband, and regroup so i can have an awesome, 2014.
I have some plans. You’ll be hearing about them soon!
Plus im just starting to feel so so inspired, and i have so many ideas for shoots during the rest of the snow *ugh* and for spring and summer.
Speaking of inspiration…I all of a sudden, have fallen madly in love with Instagram. Ive used it for quite awhile but a few months back i traded in my trusty 4s and got a new iphone, with more storage. Since hten ive been having FUN with iphoneography, and espcially Instagram. Its more inspiration, more positiviyl, less politics than Facebook. and less ads for that matter. There is just so so much talent, and the things these people can do with their PHONES! my goodness!
Oh also, now im really getting off-topic, but i recently got my hands on a Samsung NX300 and i am having so much fun! Never have i thought i would like anything besides an SLR. I was wrong. More about that later though. I plan to do a ‘review’ of sorts SOON. Sta tunned.
NOW, for the photos! This is the last wedding i shot in 2013. It was so gorgeous. Ashanti (the bride) shares my love for vintage things, and old school glamour. Her and Chandler were beyond….adorable. The other thing i adored about these two, is they wanted to be a bit different. They were the first couple of mine to choose to do a ‘first look’.
I think i was more nervous than they were when they were on the altar :) It was quite sunny (mid day) and right on the coast, so that made me a bit nervous, but! I think we did great. I even love how the sun gave it an etheral/dreamy/heavenly feel!
Anyway, im so excited to dig my heals in this year.
Oh, one more thing, GO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! If you dont have an account, GET ONE! ok, im sorry, ill stop yelling. Im just so excited!

Maine wedding photographyMaine Wedding PhotographerFirst Look

Know [one] thing love about weddings? Details.  I LOVE the details. To me hte details are what help tell the story of your day. Theyre SOOOO important because they are often the things that get overlooked. Often times people are so busy trying to capture the important obvious things, that they miss the even more important details. Like when your new husband is twirling his wedding band durning dinner because it feels funny on his hand. Or when he reaches for your hand during the receiving line- as a way of saying ‘im here’. Or the pile of womens shoes on the edge of the dancefloor when the party really gets started. Yep. Details. With out em- weddings could all look pretty alike. Its the details that tell YOUR special story.
Wow. I didnt even see that rant coming. I just couldnt help myself, i just really love this stuff. Anway, here are a few detail shots from Meghan and Brians wedding. Which was stunning. Meghan also clearly has an eye for detail, and fantasic style. How lucky am I!!!???

The gorgeous Tulle decor on the ceiling of the tent was done by Maine Event Decor

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Oh, and one more unrelated one that i just came across and had to edit and share. LOVE sparkler send offs <3


Its like they’re taking one last look before they’re off- happily ever after.

I just mailed this CD out today. The LAST one of the year! Boy did it feel good. I truly love weddings and all that goes with them, however this year with being pregnant and then having a newborn, it was a bit stressful trying to wrap up all these summer weddings! Anyway! Their wedding was at The Barn On Walnut Hill, this past September. What a gorgeous venue. I always enjoy shooting there. I really loved Kim and Pats details- the personalized drinking glasses- and the whoopie pie cake! YES! awesome!

They were such a great couple to work with, and i wish them all the best! 

Hold on to your horses. This is a long one. I shot Jean and Brandons wedding, earlier this summer. June to be exact. This was super special for me, as they are good friends of mine. Brandon, and J (my husband) are actually cousins, and quite close, so ive known Brandon since i met J. It was so, so….wonderful to see them get married, and how happy they were, AND i got to hang out with a ton of my friends at the same time. Plus, they spoiled me, which was super nice, since it was like 80 degrees and i was rather fat (well, ok, pregnant). anyway. i wont ramble much more. Here is a ton of shots from their day. And if you’re feeling particularly awesome, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me which one is your favorite!?

I recently ordered and received this album for my dear friend Sheila from our Trash the Dress shoot this past summer, and i am in looooove. Creating custom albums is really something that takes some practice- and i feel like i’m really getting pretty good at it! These layflat albums are so gorgeous, with spreads that can go right across the spine, so you can have one photo cover the entire two pages. For more information on my Layflat albums, and pricing, visit my pricing page.


I sneaked this wedding last night, and decided i’d throw ‘em up on the blog as well. I’m really making an attempt to clear the dustballs outta here. What I really need to do is UPDATE MY WEBSITE photos- but at least if I’m blogging now and then, you folks will know that I’m not totally deserting my little piece of the web :) Anyway- these are from my a wedding I shot last weekend at Val Halla Golf course, in Cumberland. I’ll give more details about the lovely couple when i do the ‘official’ blog of their wedding! ;)


Here’s what I’m working on tonight! (and last night and tomorrow night….)

My little duckie. :) I LOVE these pictures of Marlee. Some to follow of her brother shortly!